Exchange of Commitments

Commitment is sometimes a word that people shy away from, especially in business. It is a fear of commitment that leads people to live very "safe" professional lives in an attempt to either fly under the radar or make an obligation that they are incapable of fulfilling.

On the other hand, at 5 Lakes Consulting, we are bringing our recruiting business to a higher level, we are taking A Fresh Approach to Professional Recruiting.

Why Professional? It is because of what it stands for, it is what we are working toward ourselves and it is what we are asking back from our clients. An exchange of commitments.

A Commitment can be defined as:

  • A Pledge or Promise
  • Engagement or Involvement

We promise that we will put everything we have into finding you the right candidates. Candidates who not only look good on paper but also are able to back it up with real life examples and successes. Candidates who are motivated to bring their talents and to help make your company the best it can be. We also commit to you that we will treat your search with confidentiality. We give you our pledge that your search will get the attention it deserves.

In exchange, we ask for engagement and involvement. In order for us to do our job properly we need you to be engaged. This means that we will need to get as much information as possible before the search begins. We need to know:

  1. Exactly what you are looking for in a candidate, what separates a good candidate from a great one. A realistic scope of what you are looking for.
  2. Communication with the hiring manager. It is the hiring manager who can reveal the little gems that help us to pinpoint the right candidates.
  3. Timely feedback. A lack of feedback or delayed feedback tells our candidates that you are not interested. We work hard at finding top talent, it is a shame to see it walk away due to a lack of feedback.
  4. Why your company is the ideal place to work. Many of the candidates we speak to are currently employed, in order to "sell" them on the opportunity we will need help in presenting why your opportunity is better than their current situation.

Simply put, if it is not a priority for you, it cannot be a priority for us.

Commitments do not have to be scary as many people think they are, they simply involve both of us giving what we can to make sure the projects we work on together are a success.